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Introduction to the Classification of General Enamel Insulated Wires

Ⅰ. The enamel insulated wires are classified according to the insulation level

The commonly used enamel insulated wires are mainly as follows:

1. Acetal enamel insulated wire, with two thermal grades of 105 and 120, has good mechanical strength, adhesion, transformer oil resistance and refrigerant resistance, but the product has poor moisture resistance, low thermal softening breakdown temperature, and durable benzene-alcohol mixture Due to the weak solvent performance and other defects, it is currently only used in a small amount for oil-immersed transformers and oil-filled motor windings.

2. Polyester and modified polyester enamel insulated wire, ordinary polyester enamel insulated wire, the thermal grade is 130, and the modified enamel insulated wire has a thermal grade of 155. The product has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, scratch resistance, adhesion, electrical properties and solvent resistance. It is currently the largest variety in China, accounting for about two-thirds. It is widely used in various motors, electrical appliances, Instruments, telecommunications equipment and home appliances; the weak point of this product is poor thermal shock resistance and low moisture resistance.

3. Different from enameled copper wire, polyurethane enamel insulated wire, the thermal grade is 130, 155, 180. The biggest feature is that it has straight weldability, good high frequency resistance, easy coloring, and good moisture resistance. For electronic appliances, fan motors and precision instruments, electronic instruments and other types of temperature resistance are not very high, but require the production of high-efficiency products.

4. Polyesterimide enamel insulated wire, thermal grade 180, the product has good thermal shock resistance, high softening breakdown temperature, excellent mechanical strength, good solvent resistance and refrigerant resistance, easy to hydrolyze under the condition of closed weak point, widely used Used for windings of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, power tools and power dry-type transformers with high heat resistance requirements.

5. Polyesterimide composite polyamideimide enamel insulated wire is the most widely used heat-resistant enamel insulated wire at present. Its thermal grade is 200. High mechanical strength, stable electrical properties, good chemical resistance and refrigerant resistance, and strong overload capacity. Widely used in refrigerator compressors, air conditioner compressors, power tools, explosion-proof motors, and motors and electrical appliances used in high temperature, high cold, radiation resistance, overload and other conditions. The paint can increase the anti-corona aging performance by adding nano-scale inorganic materials that resist corona ions, and is suitable for high-demand motors and electrical appliances such as high-frequency special working conditions and variable frequency drive motors.

6. Polyimide enamel insulated wire, its thermal grade is 220-240, the product has ultra-high softening breakdown temperature (above 450 degrees), high heat resistance, severe cold resistance, radiation resistance, stable mechanical strength, electrical properties, chemical resistance Excellent performance and refrigerant resistance, slightly poor paint film adhesion, slightly poor oil resistance, used in nuclear energy, rockets, missiles with high temperature, high cold, and radiation resistance. on the car drive motor.

Ⅱ. The enamel insulated wire is classified according to the conductor material, which can be divided into the following categories:

Copper enamel insulated wire, aluminum enamel insulated wire, copper clad aluminum enamel insulated wire.

Ⅲ. The enamel insulated wire is divided according to the shape of the material:

Round enamel insulated wire, flat enamel insulated wire.

Ⅳ. The enamel insulated wire is classified according to the thickness of the insulating paint:

Round wire: ultra-thin paint film-0, thin paint film-1, thick paint film-2, thick paint film-3; flat wire: ordinary paint film-1, thick paint film-2, extra thick paint film- 3 (Jintian new material enameled flat wire can produce flat enamel insulated wire with a thickness of 180um+ on one side).

Enamel insulated wire is an electrical material consisting of an inner conductor and a very thin and high-voltage insulating layer. Enamel insulated wire has good insulation effect and waterproof ability, and is widely used in electrical appliances, such as motors, generators, water pumps, electromagnets, electric welding machines, household appliances, wireless communications, speakers, telegraphs, transformers, etc.