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Different Types of Brass Manifold

  • Integrated Brass Manifold:

    We have the most advanced production technology of Integrated Brass Manifold, which can ensure the safe and efficient use,

Brass Manifold FAQ

  • What is a Brass Manifold?

    Brass water manifold is a water distribution and collection device used to connect the water supply and return of each heating pipe in the water system. According to the inlet and return water, it is divided into water separator and water collector. Therefore, brass manifold is called water collector, commonly known as water separator.

  • Types of Brass Manifolds and How They Are Used

    Different types of brass manifold are suitable for different occasions. You can tell us the specific requirements, and we will recommend the most suitable type for you at the first time.

  • How does a Brass Manifold work?

    In the floor heating system, the water separator is mainly responsible for the opening and closing of the water flow in the floor heating loop. When the water in the gas-fired boiler flows into the water collector through the main pipe, the impurities are isolated through the filter, and then the water is evenly distributed to the loop. After heat exchange, it returns to the main bar of the water collector, and then flows into the heating system through the water return port.

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