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  • Nickel Silver Strip:
  • Nickel Silver Strip:

Nickel Silver Strip

The high-precision zinc white copper strip produced by our company can be used in mobile phone shielding shells, electronic and electrical plug-ins, crystal oscillators, transistor caps, optical instruments, etched substrates, wind instruments, medical instruments, spring clips, esistors, car keys and other fields .

Nickel Silver Strip Certifications
  • JIS
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  •  OSHMS

Nickel Silver Strip Performance Advantages

  • Good gloss

  • Excellent cold workability and ductility

  • Corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance

  • Good formability and solderability

  • Better electrical performance

  • Better mechanical properties

  • Radiation shielding performance

Nickel Silver Strip Application Fields

  • Mobile Phone Shield
    Mobile Phone Shield
  • Crystal Oscillator
    Crystal Oscillator

Nickel Silver Strip Performance Parameter

Alloy Grade

Chemistry Composition%Size Available

Nickel Silver Strip Production Process

The production process of copper strip is as follows:

Nickel Silver Strip Production Process
  • 01
    Raw materials
  • 02
    Horizontal continuous casting
  • 03
    Four-sided milling
  • 04
    Rough rolling mill
  • 05
    Thick shear
  • 06
    Uniform hood annealing
  • 07
    Finishing mill
  • 08
  • 09
    Uniform hood annealing
  • 10
    Minor finishing mill
  • 11
    German OTTO air cushion furnace
  • 12
    Stretching and straightening machine
  • 13
    Shear, Striping
  • 14
    Finished product packaging
  • 15
    Three-dimensional warehouse

Nickel Silver Strip Executive Standard

Executive standard: G/T 2059-2017

Nickel Silver Strip Production Equipments

  • Italian Mino Mill
    Italian Mino Mill
  • Milling Machine
    Milling Machine
  • Pickling Equipment
    Pickling Equipment
  • Four-sided Milling
    Four-sided Milling
  • Horizontal Continuous Casting Melting Furnace
    Horizontal Continuous Casting Melting Furnace
  • Hot Rolling Line
    Hot Rolling Line
  • Continuous Pickling Line
    Continuous Pickling Line
  • Bending And Straightening
    Bending And Straightening
  • Cutting Production Line
    Cutting Production Line
  • Crosscutting Machine
    Crosscutting Machine
  • Otto Junker Air Cushion Furnace
    Otto Junker Air Cushion Furnace
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