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Nickel Silver Strip

The high-precision zinc white copper strip produced by our company can be used in mobile phone shielding shells, electronic and electrical plug-ins, crystal oscillators, transistor caps, optical instruments, etched substrates, wind instruments, medical instruments, spring clips, esistors, car keys and other fields .

Nickel Silver Strip Certifications
  • JIS
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  •  OSHMS

Nickel Silver Strip Video

Nickel Silver Strip Performance Advantages

  • Good gloss

  • Excellent cold workability and ductility

  • Corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance

  • Good formability and solderability

  • Better electrical performance

  • Better mechanical properties

  • Radiation shielding performance

Nickel Silver Strip Application Fields

Mobile Phone Shield

The excellent electrical conductivity and magnetic properties of nickel silver make it an ideal material for mobile phone shields. This silver metal strip is typically used to create a conductive enclosure around critical components such as circuit boards, chips, and antennas. This helps to prevent interference from external sources and ensures proper functioning of the mobile phone's communication systems.

Crystal Oscillator

Nickel silver coil strips are often used as the mounting or packaging material for crystal oscillators. The strips, like c7521 nickel silver strip  provide mechanical support and protect the delicate crystal resonator inside the oscillator from external environmental factors. Additionally, the high electrical conductivity of nickel silver ensures proper signal transmission and minimizes signal loss, which is crucial for accurate timing and frequency control. Beyond high-quality nickel silver strips, Jintian offers a comprehensive selection including thin copper strips, leadframe strip, and more, to perfectly match your specific project requirements.

  • Mobile Phone Shield
    Mobile Phone Shield
  • Crystal Oscillator
    Crystal Oscillator

Nickel Silver Strip Performance Parameter

Alloy Grade

Chemistry Composition%Size Available

Nickel Silver Strip Production Process

The production process of copper strip is as follows:

Nickel Silver Strip Production Process
  • 01
    Raw materials
  • 02
    Horizontal continuous casting
  • 03
    Four-sided milling
  • 04
    Rough rolling mill
  • 05
    Thick shear
  • 06
    Uniform hood annealing
  • 07
    Finishing mill
  • 08
  • 09
    Uniform hood annealing
  • 10
    Minor finishing mill
  • 11
    German OTTO air cushion furnace
  • 12
    Stretching and straightening machine
  • 13
    Shear, Striping
  • 14
    Finished product packaging
  • 15
    Three-dimensional warehouse

Nickel Silver Strip FAQs

  • Can nickel silver strip be soldered or welded?

    Yes, nickel silver roll strip can be soldered. Soldering involves using a compatible solder alloy with a lower melting point than the nickel silver itself. The solder is heated to create a bond between the nickel silver strips and other components.

  • Can nickel silver strips be formed or shaped easily?

    Yes, nickel silver strips are known for their good formability. They can be easily shaped, bent, or formed into various configurations without cracking or losing their structural integrity. This property makes silver plated copper strip suitable for applications that require complex shapes or intricate designs.

  • Are there different grades or specifications for nickel silver strips?

    Yes, nickel silver strips may come in different grades or specifications, depending on the specific requirements of the application. Factors such as composition, thickness, and surface finish can vary based on the intended use. As a reliable copper strip manufacturer, our nickel silver strips are durable and highly efficient, providing an excellent user experience.

Nickel Silver Strip Executive Standard

Executive standard: G/T 2059-2017

Nickel Silver Strip Production Equipments

  • Italian Mino Mill
    Italian Mino Mill
  • Milling Machine
    Milling Machine
  • Pickling Equipment
    Pickling Equipment
  • Four-sided Milling
    Four-sided Milling
  • Horizontal Continuous Casting Melting Furnace
    Horizontal Continuous Casting Melting Furnace
  • Hot Rolling Line
    Hot Rolling Line
  • Continuous Pickling Line
    Continuous Pickling Line
  • Bending And Straightening
    Bending And Straightening
  • Cutting Production Line
    Cutting Production Line
  • Crosscutting Machine
    Crosscutting Machine
  • Otto Junker Air Cushion Furnace
    Otto Junker Air Cushion Furnace
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