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Copper Strip

Jintian has high precision copper strips for sale, which can be divided into Oxygen Free Copper Strip, Electrolytic Tough-pitch Copper Strip, Phosphorous Deoxidize Copper Strip, and Insidious Frame Strip. Products are widely used in various electrical, chemical industry, radio frequency cables, terminal blocks, radiators, transformers, lead frames, connectors for electronic appliances, etc.

Copper Strip Certifications
  • JIS
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ROHS

Copper Strip Performance Advantages

  • Good thermal conductivity

  • Good processing, extension, moldability

  • Excellent softening resistance

  • Good fatigue strength

Copper Strip Application Fields

  • Semiconductor Lead Frame
    Semiconductor Lead Frame
  • Transformer
  • Electronic Relay
    Electronic Relay
  • Water Heater
    Water Heater
  • Radio Frequency Cable
    Radio Frequency Cable

Copper Strip Performance Parameter

Alloy GradeStandardChemistry Composition%Size Available

Copper Strip Production Process

The production process of copper strip is as follows:

Copper Strip Production Process
  • 01
    Raw materials
  • 02
    Horizontal continuous casting
  • 03
    Four-sided milling
  • 04
    Rough rolling mill
  • 05
    Thick shear
  • 06
    Uniform hood annealing
  • 07
    Finishing mill
  • 08
  • 09
    Uniform hood annealing
  • 10
    Minor finishing mill
  • 11
    German OTTO air cushion furnace
  • 12
    Stretching and straightening machine
  • 13
    Shear, Striping
  • 14
    Finished product packaging
  • 15
    Three-dimensional warehouse

Copper Strip Executive Standard

Executive standard: G/T 2059-2017

Copper Strip Production Equipments

  • Italian Mino Mill
    Italian Mino Mill
  • Four-sided Milling
    Four-sided Milling
  • Pickling Equipment
    Pickling Equipment
  • Milling Machine
    Milling Machine
  • Horizontal Continuous Casting Melting Furnace
    Horizontal Continuous Casting Melting Furnace
  • Hot Rolling Line
    Hot Rolling Line
  • Continuous Pickling Line
    Continuous Pickling Line
  • Bending and Straightening
    Bending and Straightening
  • Cutting Production Line
    Cutting Production Line
  • Crosscutting Machine
    Crosscutting Machine
  • Otto Junker Air Cushion Furnace
    Otto Junker Air Cushion Furnace
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