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Types of Enameled Wire For Sale

There are several types of enameled copper wire for sale, each with its own characteristics and applications. Here are some common types of enameled copper round wire:

  • Magnet Wire for Motor:

    Magnet Wire for Motor mainly uses QZ,QZY, QA and Q(ZY/XY) . It has good resistance to abrasion and solvent, capable of working under extreme situations where strong resistibility against very high and low temperature. Electric motors are found in numerous diverse applications, such as fans, pumps, machines, household appliances, power tools.
  • Magnet Wire for Compressor:

    Magnet Wire for Compressor mainly uses Q(ZY/XY)-2/200, which has relatively high requirements on the high ambient temperature requirements in the use of enameled wires and high refrigerant resistance. Generally, in the early stage, the life test needs to be done for half a year and the surface needs to be coated with refrigeration oil.
  • Plate Magnet Wire:

    Plate Magnet wire is mostly used in winding coils for EV-motor, transformers, motors, generators, and various electrical devices. It has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal stability, scratch resistance, solvent resistance, with advantages of good heat dissipation performance and high magnetic field efficiency when wound into a coil.
  • Magnet Wire for EV:

    Magnet Wire for EV mainly uses enameled flat wire during the degree of 180—240. Compared with round wire, the benefit of enameled flat wire is no gap and the larger volume efficiency raise to coefficient of space and makes motor miniaturization and high output. The enameled flat wire has a low friction coefficient and good winding property.
  • IEC 60317 Enameled Wire:

    The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the leading global organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. It is widely used in European market and also applied into Chinese GB standard. For these wire, it requires low-oxygen copper wire as conductor, whose producing equipment and technique were firstly originated in European countries.
  • JIS 3202 Enameled Wire:

    Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS) has been prepared according to IEC standard for the production and test of enameled copper wire. It is widely used in Japanese market and customers related with Japan. For these wire, it requires low-oxygen copper wire as conductor and different testing method from other standard.
  • Anti-Corona Magnet Wire:

    Anti-Corona Magnet wire could work continuously at 200 degrees environment. Besides with good heat-resistant, irradiation resistance and high abrasion resistance, it also has good corona resistant performance. Therefore, it is widely used in various frequency conversion speed regulation motors, hoisting motors, elevator motors, etc.

What Is Enameled Copper Wire

Enameled copper wire, also referred to as enameled magnet wire, is a type of wire that consists of a copper conductor coated with a thin layer of insulation material. This insulation layer of the enamel coated copper wire is typically made of a polymer, such as polyester, polyurethane, polyamide, or polyimide.

The insulation serves two primary purposes. First, it provides electrical insulation, preventing the copper conductor from coming into direct contact with other conductive materials, which could cause short circuits or electrical malfunctions. Second, it offers protection against environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and abrasion.

What Is Enameled Wire Used For

Enamel coated magnet wire is used in a wide range of electrical and electronic applications due to its unique properties and versatility. Here are some common uses of enameled wire:

Motors and Transformers: Enameled copper wire is extensively used in the windings of electric motors and transformers. The wire's excellent electrical conductivity and insulation properties allow for efficient energy transfer and reliable operation.

Coils and Inductors: Enameled copper magnet wire is commonly employed in coils and inductors used in various electronic devices and equipment. These components are crucial for generating magnetic fields or storing energy in circuits.

Solenoids: Solenoids are electromechanical devices that use enameled wire windings to create a magnetic field when an electric current passes through them. Magnet wire for sale finds applications in valves, relays, actuators, and other devices requiring controlled mechanical movement.

Electrical Equipment: Enamled copper wire is used in the production of various electrical equipment, including generators, alternators, switches, and circuit breakers. It is crucial for facilitating electrical connections and conducting current reliably.

Enameled Wire FAQs

  • Is enameled copper wire conductive?

    Copper is the standardly used conductor material for enameled wire with excellent conductivity and very good winding ability. Enameled Copper Wire, otherwise known as magnet wire, is a highly versatile material used principally in applications that require electrical transference including transformers, inductors, motors, generators, speakers, hard disk actuators, electromagnets and other applications that require tight coils of insulated wire. Copper's highly conductive properties make it the perfect metal for electrical applications, and it can be fully annealed and electrolytically refined to allow closer winding for electromagnetic coils. By coating the wire with insulation – typically one to four layers of polymer film – the flat enameled copper wire is protected from contact with its own and other wires'electrical currents, preventing short circuits from occurring and extending the longevity, efficiency and applications for the wire.

  • What is an enamel wire made of?

    Enameled wire is a main type of magnet wire, which consists of two parts: the conductor and the insulating layer. The bare copper wire for sale is annealed and softened, then painted and baked for many times.  The conductor shall be copper wire, oxygen-free and low-oxygen copper wire with smooth surface, roundness, uniform quality and no defects as specified in the specified standard. The copper wire is coated with continuous and smooth synthetic resin without foaming and other impurities. Magnet wire insulating films mainly use (in order of increasing temperature range) polyvinyl formal (Formvar), polyurethane, polyamide, polyester, polyester-polyimide, polyamide-polyimide (or amide-imide), and polyimide, to achieve different technical standard.

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