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Brass Strip

Jintian is a highly skilled manufacturer that specializes in producing brass strips for furniture and other applications. As one of the leading brass strip suppliers in the industry, Jintian has gained a reputation for producing high-quality brass strip rolls that meet the strictest standards of durability, performance, and aesthetics.

Whether you need brass strips for furniture, decorative items, or other applications, Jintian has a range of products to suit your needs. With a focus on quality and innovation, they employ the latest technologies and production methods to ensure that their brass strip roll meet or exceed your expectations.

Jintian has high precision brass strips for sale, which can be used in various shallow and deep-drawing processes, radiator shells, automobile fins, bullet shells, terminals, connectors, construction, daily decorations, clothing buttons, cosmetics box and other fields.

As one of the most trusted brass strip suppliers in the market, Jintian has a team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing exceptional service and support to their customers. So,  if you are looking for a reliable and professional manufacturer of brass strips and buy brass strips, look no further than Jintian.

Brass Strip Certifications
  • JIS
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

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Brass Strip Performance Advantages

  • Good ductility and deep drawing

    A high degree of ductility, which allows roll of brass strip to be easily formed into a variety of shapes and designs. This makes them a popular choice for use in applications such as architectural trim, decorative arts, and jewelry making. Brass strips for sale can be easily cut, bent, and shaped using a variety of tools and techniques, making them a versatile material for a wide range of applications. In addition to their ductility, brass strip roll also offers good deep drawing features, which means that they can be formed into complex shapes without cracking or tearing. This makes them ideal for use in manufacturing applications where precision and consistency are important, such as automotive parts, electronics components, and household appliances.

  • High corrosion resistance

    Brass moulding strips are highly resistant to corrosion, making them an ideal choice for use in environments where there is exposure to moisture or other corrosive substances. They are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including plumbing, construction, and manufacturing.

  • Good solderability and plateability

    Brass stripes can easily form strong bonds with other metals or materials using solder. This is due to the ability of brass to create a surface that readily accepts solder, which results in a strong and reliable bond. Good solderability is particularly important in applications that require secure and reliable electrical connections. Plateability is the ability of brass to be plated with a thin layer of another metal, such as nickel, tin, or silver. The thin layer of plating provides additional benefits, such as improved corrosion resistance, enhanced aesthetics, and better electrical conductivity. 

Brass Strip Application Fields

Brass strips, which are thin brass strips that can be purchased in rolls of brass strip, have a wide range of applications across various fields. 

Car water tanks

Golden brass strips require a material that is both strong and resistant to corrosion. The use of brass strips for sale in this application ensures that the tanks are durable and reliable, even under extreme conditions.

Heat sinks

Brass trim strips are used to dissipate heat from electronic components in order to prevent overheating and damage. The high thermal conductivity of brass makes it an ideal material for this purpose, and thin brass strips can be easily shaped and manipulated to fit specific requirements.

Automotive parts

Roll of brass strip is used in the production of various parts, such as fittings, connectors, and fasteners. The strength and durability of brass make it an ideal choice for these applications, and the use of brass components can help to ensure the safety and reliability of vehicles.

Solar and wind power

Decorative brass trim strips are often used in the production of components such as bus bars and connectors. These components play a crucial role in the transmission of electricity from solar panels or wind turbines to the power grid, and the use of brass helps to ensure that the components are able to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor environments.

Charging piles

Brass strips, like c2680 brass strip, are used to charge electric vehicles. The high electrical conductivity of brass makes it an ideal material for these applications, as it helps to ensure that the charging process is efficient and reliable.

Switch sockets

Brass stripes are used to control the flow of electricity in homes and businesses. The use of brass in these components helps to ensure that they are durable and reliable, even with frequent use.

As one of the leading brass strip suppliers, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality brass strips products. Our brass strips are of superior quality, meet national standards, and can be widely used in various fields. We are now providing brass strips for sale at a good price. Contact us to learn more about our brass strip and other copper strip products!

  • Car Water Tank
    Car Water Tank
  • Heat Sink
    Heat Sink
  • Automotive Parts
    Automotive Parts
  • Solar & Wind Power
    Solar & Wind Power
  • Charging Pile
    Charging Pile
  • Switch Socket
    Switch Socket

Brass Strip Performance Parameter

Alloy GradeStandardChemistry Composition%Size Available

GradeTemperTensile Strength(N-mm^2)Elongation(%)Hardness(HV)

Brass Strip Production Process

The production process of copper strip is as following:

  • 01
    Raw materials
  • 02
    Material micing
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
    Hot rolling
  • 06
  • 07
    Rough rolling
  • 08
  • 09
  • 10
  • 11
    German OTTO air cushion furnace
  • 12
    Stretching and straightening machine
  • 13
    Shear, Striping
  • 14
    Finished product packaging
  • 15
    Three-dimensional warehouse
  • 16
    Delivery and delivery
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
    Edge Shearing
  • 20

FAQs of Brass Strips for Sale

  • What is the difference between brass stripes and copper stripes?

    Copper stripes are composed solely of copper, whereas brass strip is a combination of copper and zinc. Brass stripes have better corrosion resistance and higher tensile strength compared to copper stripes.

  • What is the difference between brass stripes and bronze stripes?

    Bronze stripes are composed of copper and other elements such as tin or phosphorus, while brass metal strips are composed of copper and zinc. Bronze strip has higher corrosion resistance compared to brass, but brass has better electrical conductivity and is easier to machine.

  • How are flat brass strips made?

    Brass strip metal is typically made by rolling brass sheets to achieve the desired thickness. The sheets are then cut into strips using a machine, and the edges may be trimmed or deburred to achieve a smooth surface.

Brass Strip Executive Standard

Executive standard: G/T 2059-2017

High Precision Brass Strip Production Equipments

  • Italian Mino Mill
    Italian Mino Mill
  • Milling Machine
    Milling Machine
  • Four-sided Milling
    Four-sided Milling
  • Horizontal Continuous Casting Melting Furnace
    Horizontal Continuous Casting Melting Furnace
  • Hot Rolling Line
    Hot Rolling Line
  • Continuous Pickling Line
    Continuous Pickling Line
  • Bending and Straightening
    Bending and Straightening
  • Cutting Production Line
    Cutting Production Line
  • Crosscutting Machine
    Crosscutting Machine
  • Otto Junker Air Cushion Furnace
    Otto Junker Air Cushion Furnace
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