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Hardware industry Review

Hardware is mainly used in the construction industry. The global hardware industry market demand will reach 39.4 billion tons in 2021, and it will grow with the growth of the real estate industry.

 The global hardware market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa. Hardware industry analysis points out that urbanization has increased significantly over the past decade and is estimated to continue to grow over the forecast period in developing countries such as India and China. The impact of urbanization on the housing sector dominates.

Hardware is a very common thing in life and is widely used in the home decoration market. For example, hardware materials are indispensable in the assembly of various furniture.

What is hardware?

Hardware building materials are usually divided into two categories, the first is various types of steel materials, steel plates and the like, and the second is household hardware, construction hardware and other tool building materials.

The market of hardware products is also very prosperous, with various types and a wide range of applications. According to the nature and direction of use of hardware building materials, hardware building materials can be classified into the following categories.

1. Locks: drawer locks, door locks, chains, lock cylinders

2. Handles: various door handles, drawer handles, cabinet door handles

3. Kitchen: sinks, range hoods, sewer pipes, disinfection cabinets, water purifiers, knives, rice cookers, pots

4. Household hardware: clothes hooks, hangers, curtain rods, universal wheels, metal wall racks

5. Bathroom supplies: floor drains, various faucets, clothes drying racks, toilet paper racks, hand dryers, water heaters, Yuba

6. Track: drawer track, sliding door track, window track

7. Tools: screwdriver, steel tape measure, saw, electric drill, various metal nails

3. How to choose hardware building materials

How to choose from all kinds of hardware and building materials

Tell you some selection guidelines, you can refer to.

1. Look at the coating of the hardware material: a good metal coating is very flat, and a bad one will have wavy ups and downs. A good coating has the advantages of wear resistance, glossy feeling, and no gully scratches can be seen on the surface.

2. Look at the quality of hardware materials: the quality of titanium alloy hardware materials is the best, but the disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher; the price of stainless steel cladding materials is relatively cheap, but the service life of this material is not too long, and there is also a pure copper cladding. This material can prevent oxidation and rarely fade, if there is a need in this regard, it can be considered.

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