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  • tinned annealed copper wire
  • tinned annealed copper wire

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm)

The annealed tinned copper wire produced by our company are widely used in industries such as transposed conductors, ultra-high voltage cables, various types of wires and cables, various types of enameled wires, network wires, electronic wires and communication wires. As one of the most professional anneled copper wire suppliers, we produce this kind of products with quality and quantity guaranteed and have been internationally recognized. If you want anneled copper wire, you can contact us through the following form.

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Certifications
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Performance Advantages

  • Bright surface without burrs

  • Superior performance and quality

  • Our annealed copper cable can meet your technical requirements for drawing fine lines, fine lines and special products

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Application Fields

  • Transformer Coil
    Transformer Coil
  • Photovoltaic Cable
    Photovoltaic Cable
  • Submarine Cable
    Submarine Cable
  • Communication Field
    Communication Field

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Performance Parameter

Name of CommodityTR2.6mm
PackagingSpooler CoilsOrbital Coils
Packaging specifications1000*1000*7001100*1750
Unit weight≤2t≤1.8t
Standard productTolerance±0.026mm
Surface qualitySmooth without burr

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Production Process

The conventional production process:

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Production Process
  • 01
    Φ8mm Copper rod
  • 02
    Wire pay-off
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
    Washing clean
  • 06
    Wire take-up
  • 07
    Finished product inspection
  • 08
  • 09

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Executive Standard

GB/T3953-2009, GB/T4910-2009, GB/T12970-2009, GB/T3952-2016

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Production Equipments

  • American Continuous Casting And Rolling Production Line
    American Continuous Casting And Rolling Production Line
  • Stranding Machine
    Stranding Machine
  • Germany Nihofer Drawing Line
    Germany Nihofer Drawing Line
  • Monofilament Equipment
    Monofilament Equipment
  • Big Drawing Machine
    Big Drawing Machine
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