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  • Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm):
  • Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm):

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm)

The annealed tinned copper wire produced by our company are widely used in industries such as transposed conductors, ultra-high voltage cables, various types of wires and cables, various types of enameled wires, network wires, electronic wires and communication wires. As one of the most professional annealed copper wire suppliers, we produce this kind of products with quality and quantity guaranteed and have been internationally recognized. If you want anneled copper wire, you can contact us through the following form.

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Certifications
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Performance Advantages

Tinned annealed copper wire has several performance advantages over other types of wire:

  • Flexibility

    Annealed copper wire is more flexible than non-annealed wire. This makes it easier to bend and shape into the desired form, which is especially useful for applications that require intricate or complex shapes.

  • Resistance to Fatigue

    Annealed copper wire is more resistant to fatigue than non-annealed wire. This means that it can withstand repeated bending and twisting without breaking or cracking.

  • Conductivity

    Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, and annealed copper wire is no exception. This makes it ideal for applications that require high conductivity, such as electrical wiring, motors, and transformers.

  • Ductility

    Highly ductile features of annealed copper cable means that the wire can be drawn into thin wires without breaking. This makes it useful for applications that require fine wire, such as electronics and telecommunications.

  • Enhanced appearance

    Tinned annealed copper wire  with a bright and smooth surface is aesthetically pleasing and enhances the appearance of the end product. no blurs. This is particularly important for applications where the wire is visible, such as in decorative lighting, jewelry, and other crafts.

Overall, annealed copper cable is a versatile material that can meet a wide range of technical requirements and specifications for fine lines, fine wires, and special products. Its excellent properties make it a popular choice for a variety of applications in different industries.

What is Copper Wire Annealing Process

Copper wire annealing process is a heat treatment process that is used to improve the ductility and conductivity of copper wire. During the annealing process, the copper wire is heated to a specific temperature and then cooled down slowly, in order to make the wire softer and more flexible.

The annealing process involves several stages, which include heating, soaking, and cooling. First, the copper wire is heated to a specific temperature, usually between 300°C and 800°C, depending on the desired properties of the wire. The wire is then held at this temperature for a period of time, which allows the metal grains to grow and become more uniform in size.

Next, the wire is cooled slowly, either by turning off the heat source or by placing the wire in a cooling chamber. This slow cooling process is essential, as it allows the metal grains to reform in a more regular pattern, which improves the wire's electrical conductivity and mechanical properties.

Annealed tinned copper is often used in the manufacturing of electrical components, such as transformers, motors, and generators, as it helps to improve the wire's electrical properties and make it more durable and reliable over time.

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Application Fields

  • Transformer Coil
    Transformer Coil
  • Photovoltaic Cable
    Photovoltaic Cable
  • Submarine Cable
    Submarine Cable
  • Communication Field
    Communication Field

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Performance Parameter

Name of CommodityTR2.6mm
PackagingSpooler CoilsOrbital Coils
Packaging specifications1000*1000*7001100*1750
Unit weight≤2t≤1.8t
Standard productTolerance±0.026mm
Surface qualitySmooth without burr

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Production Process

The conventional production process:

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Production Process
  • 01
    Φ8mm Copper rod
  • 02
    Wire pay-off
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
    Washing clean
  • 06
    Wire take-up
  • 07
    Finished product inspection
  • 08
  • 09

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Executive Standard

GB/T3953-2009, GB/T4910-2009, GB/T12970-2009, GB/T3952-2016

Annealed Copper Wire (2.6mm) Production Equipments

  • American Continuous Casting And Rolling Production Line
    American Continuous Casting And Rolling Production Line
  • Stranding Machine
    Stranding Machine
  • Germany Nihofer Drawing Line
    Germany Nihofer Drawing Line
  • Monofilament Equipment
    Monofilament Equipment
  • Big Drawing Machine
    Big Drawing Machine
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