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Types of Copper Fittings For Sale

Copper Pipe Fittings Sizes

The European Standard copper fittings are available in sizes 6-108mm. The availability varies according to the specific type of fittings.

The American standard copper fittings are available in size 1/4” to 6”. The availability varies according to the specific type of fittings.

Copper Fittings FAQs

  • Are there different types of copper fittings?

    Here are copper end feed fittings, copper press fittings, soldering end feed fittings, ACR copper fittings, brass compression fittings, brass solder fittings, brass thread fittings and PEX fittings. These types of copper fittings are mainly used in the plumbing, gas and ACR industry.

    Among them, several important types  of copper fittings can be briefly described:

    ACR copper fittings: ACR stands for "Air Conditioning and Refrigeration," and these fittings are specifically designed for use in HVAC applications. They are made from a special type of copper that is resistant to corrosion and other forms of damage.

    Copper end feed fittings: these copper fittings for sale are used to join copper pipes using a soldering process. They have a socket that fits over the end of the copper pipe and a capillary that allows solder to flow into the joint.

    Soldering end feed fittings: They are similar to copper end feed fittings, but they require the use of flux and solder to make the joint.

    According to the shape and functions, the copper fittings generally includes Copper Elbows, Copper Tee, Copper Coupling, Copper coupling reducer, Copper adapter, Copper Union, copper trap fittings, copper end caps, crimp ring, Copper full cross over, Copper partial cross over, U bends and etc.

  • What is a common copper fitting?

    Copper end feed fittings are commonly used copper fitting, which are made from copper and require a soldered joint to connect pipes together. The pipes-to-be-joined are inserted into the fitting, which is heated. Solder fills the small gap between pipe and fitting, sealing and making a strong joint which is resistant to pulling and rotation of the pipes. This type of copper fittings wholesale requires that solder wire must be melted and fed into the joint as it is heated. Copper end feed fittings are slim and neat, inexpensive, and form a strong joint between pipes. They are probably the most reliable too for use in walls, under floors and other inaccessible locations as the joint is more secure and less likely that pipes will separate or O-rings deteriorate, resulting in leaks. However, copper pipe fittings are more difficult to use, and since the fitting must be heated using a blowtorch, there is always the danger of fire. Also, preparation of pipes and fitting is essential, and these must be cleaned with wire wool so that solder flows and coats all the surfaces being joined.

Certifications of Copper Fittings Wholesale
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