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  • Profile Rod:
  • Profile Rod:

Profile Rod

The special-shaped lock body bar produced by our company has thousands of specifications such as flat square shape, drum shape, gourd shape, various hollow special shapes, etc., and can be customized production according to customer requirements. Because of its good cutting performance, profile rod is widely used in padlocks, door locks, smart locks, etc.

Profile Rod Certifications
  • PED
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

Profile Rod Performance Advantages

  • Good mechanical properties

  • Excellent machining performance

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Profile Rod Application Fields

  • Lock Cylinder
    Lock Cylinder

Profile Rod Performance Parameter

Product nameGradeChemical composition %, Not greater than (except for the remaining amount and range value)
CuPbFeNiSnMnPSiALZnotherOther total impuritiestotal impurities
Shaped Lock RodCW614N57.0~59.02.5~

Profile Rod Executive Standard

Product performance standards: Q/JTTY 01-2018, YS/T 862-2013

Profile Rod Production Equipments

  • Smelting Workshop
    Smelting Workshop
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