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Is Enamel Insulated Wire the Same As Copper Wire?

Enamel coil wire is different from copper, because enamel coil wire is made on the basis of copper wire. In simple terms, enamel coil wire is coated with a layer of insulator, usually plastic, on the outside of copper wire. In life, copper wire is used as a wire, and its electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are very good; enamel coil wire is a main variety of winding wire, which is composed of conductor and insulating layer. After the bare wire is annealed and softened, it is painted for many times.

Ⅰ. What is the method of peeling the enamel coil wire?

1. For thick enamel coil wire, use a knife or a broken saw blade to scrape off the enamel one by one. When scraping, do not only scrape both sides, but carefully scrape around the circle without scratching the wire. This method is called scraping and paint removal.

2. For thinner enamel coil wires, the wire will be broken by scraping and removing the paint, and the paint can be removed by fire. During operation, the rotor assembly is erected, the wire ends are straightened out, and the length of the wire is clamped with pliers. For the parts that do not need peeling, burn the wires with an alcohol lamp (can also use candles), burn off the patent leather, and wipe with a fine gauze cloth after cooling. This method has high efficiency in removing the varnish, but it is easy to burn and burn the wire if the operation is not mastered well.

3. For enameled copper wire with temperature resistance class of 130(B), 155(F) and 180(H), it can be peeled with special paint remover for enamel coil wire. This method has fast peeling speed, no corrosion to copper wire, and little smell.

Ⅱ. What are the welding steps of enamel coil wire?

1. When the U-shaped terminal is pressed down and has not been in contact with the lower part, the current flows from the copper hook itself, and generates heat through the internal resistance of the copper hook, which removes the paint of the enamel insulated wire with this heat. The stability of the current in this process is very important. , because if the current is too large; the hook is easy to burst due to the small cross-sectional area that can not withstand the high current.

2. When the paint is removed, the front part of the hook is welded with the lower part under the condition of electrification to complete the sealing. This process current can be slightly larger, because the conductive area becomes larger.

Ⅲ. How to quickly remove paint from enamel coil wire?

1. Paint remover can be used.

2. Special paint removal equipment can be used.

3. Aspirin is decomposed into acetic acid and salicylic acid when heated. Decomposed salicylic acid resolves quickly and cleanly.

4. Concentrated sulfuric acid stripping, the first process: soaking in industrial-grade concentrated sulfuric acid; the second process: rinsing the black film in chromic acid solution. After rinsing with chromic acid solution, it is washed twice with water. This method requires the use of concentrated sulfuric acid, but the effect is relatively high, but the operation is relatively dangerous.

5. Use an alcohol lamp or a gas blowtorch to burn off the paint film. In order to prevent overheating outside the burned part and oxidation of the conductor surface, the burning part should be immersed in ethanol with a concentration of about 50% to cool it rapidly.

6. Immerse in the alcohol solution of caustic soda or caustic potash, and wipe off the paint film after taking it out. The higher the concentration and temperature of the alkaline solution, the shorter the time to remove the paint film.