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What Is the Difference between Copper Twisting Wire and Parallel Wire?

In the field of telecommunications, twisted pair and parallel pair copper wires are two common types of transmission lines that play important roles in network connections and telephone lines. Although they are both made of copper, twisted pair and parallel pair copper wires have some differences in structure and application.

Twisted pair is a transmission line made by connecting multiple thin copper wires together in a twisted manner. This twisted structure gives twisted pair wires excellent interference resistance and stable transmission performance. Twisted pair wires are soft and easy to bend, making them more convenient for wiring and installation. They are widely used in local area networks, broadband access, and security monitoring.

Specifications, Types, And Common Cross-Sectional Areas of Twisted Pair Wires

TJ-20: TJ-hard copper twisted pair wire 20-cross-sectional area 20mm2.

TJR-15/35: TJR-soft copper twisted pair wire 15-represents a single wire diameter of 0.15mm 35-represents a cross-sectional area of 35mm2.

TJRX-15/35: TJRX-tin-plated soft copper twisted pair wire 15-represents a single wire diameter of 0.15mm 35-represents a cross-sectional area of 35mm2.

Materials of Twisted Pair Wires

  • high-purity oxygen-free copper wire

  • tin-plated copper wire

Structure of Twisted Pair Wires

  • 7 strands

  • 12 strands

  • 19 strands

  • 37 strands

  • 61 strands.

Twisted pair wires are twisted according to process rules, and joints are allowed during twisting. However, the distance between any two joints should not be less than 15 meters and cold-press welding should be used. The welded interface should be tidy, flat, and round, without sharp edges. The diameter of the welding head should generally not exceed 0.2 millimeters. The welding of adjacent twisted pair wires should be kept at a certain distance with uniform spacing. The wires should be pre-twisted during twisting to ensure that the wires do not separate or bounce when cut.

The twisted pair wire after twisting has a relatively bright appearance, without obvious damage and scratches. There is no obvious oxidation reaction or discoloration. The color outside is uniform without black spots or cracks. The distances are even and regular. Second, the structure composition of the twisted pair wire should be observed. The purchase of twisted pair wires also needs to observe the distribution and composition structure of the twisted pair wire to see if there are phenomena such as broken wires, missing wires, loose strands, or touching strands. Generally, these can be observed with the naked eye. Only when these standards are met can it be considered as a good twisted pair wire.

Unlike twisted pair wires, parallel pair wires are transmission lines in which multiple copper wires are arranged in parallel and bundled together. This parallel arrangement structure prevents the current between different copper wires from flowing crosswise, reducing electromagnetic interference and providing more stable transmission signals. Parallel pair wires are widely used in audio, video, and sensor fields due to their good transmission quality.

Both twisted pair wires and parallel pair wires have excellent conductivity and durability.

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