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Do You Know Which Characteristics of Copper Materials for New Energy Vehicles Need Attention?

As we all know, the automotive industry has high requirements for materials in terms of strength, conductivity, and reliability. So, what performance is required for copper alloys used in the automotive industry?

First, the conductivity of materials is affected by environmental temperature, alloy elements, and cold working conditions.

Second, the yield strength affects the elastic stress of terminals.

Third, both time and environmental temperature impact the stress relaxation of materials.

Currently, according to market requirements, copper materials used in automotive connectors are required to have a lifespan of 8000 hours in environments ranging from -40℃ to 200℃. The lifespan of the material is closely related to factors such as thermal stress relaxation, microstructure, precipitates, grain size, selected process routes, material conditions, and hardness.

Jintian Copper produces copper bars that are widely used in the field of new energy vehicle IGBTs. This material has high conductivity, with an electrical conductivity of over 99.9%. The material thickness can meet the requirements of 3-25mm thick plates. At the same time, the material has good ductility, ensuring stable material performance even under forging or rolling conditions to meet application requirements.

Jintian Copper's chromium-zirconium copper products have high strength, conductivity, heat resistance, and wear resistance. They are widely used in high-voltage connector terminals of new energy vehicles. Jintian Copper's chromium-zirconium copper rods are cast using a 2-ton large vacuum furnace with a vacuum level below 10Pa (currently the lowest in China), effectively controlling the burning loss of chromium and zirconium and ensuring compositional uniformity. They are extruded using a 3150-ton extrusion press to achieve a more uniform and dense structure. The production of round wires adopts the most advanced international continuous production equipment, and the produced materials can achieve a 2-ton coil without welding points. The composition is more uniform and stable compared to traditional vacuum furnace products, with a fluctuation range of within ±5% for the entire coil (traditional production methods have a fluctuation range of ±20%).


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