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What is Squeezing Bar?

Squeezing rod is a metal product, usually made of materials such as copper alloys. Squeezing rods are manufactured as a final step for extrusion processing, and their materials often have high strength and stability, making them very suitable for use as structural components or accessories. Squeezing rods are widely used not only in mechanical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, construction, and many other fields but also in the modern aerospace field.

In the field of mechanical manufacturing, squeezing rods are commonly used to produce mechanical parts. For example, squeezing rods can be used to manufacture small parts such as armrests and seat adjusters for airplanes and cars. These mechanical parts need to have very high strength and stability, which squeezing rods can guarantee.

In the aerospace field, squeezing rods are used to make various aerospace components and structural parts, such as wing spars, columns, flaps of aircraft; support frames, control surfaces of spacecraft. Squeezing rods not only need to meet the requirements of high strength but also consider their weight, elongation resistance, and other various characteristics.

Meanwhile, in the construction field, squeezing rods can be used to manufacture building structure components such as internal and external walls, balconies, handrails, and bridges. These components need to maintain their strength and stability while also having good aesthetics and corrosion resistance.

In summary, squeezing rods are a very important metal material that has been widely used. Whether in mechanical manufacturing, aerospace, or construction fields, squeezing rods are crucial materials and have become an indispensable part of modern industry. If you need to use high-quality squeezing rods, welcome to Ningbo Jintian Copper.

Jintian Copper is one of the leading copper alloy manufacturing companies in China. Its main products include hard alloys, copper materials, copper rods, copper strips, copper tubes, and various other special metal materials.

Among them, Jintian Copper's squeezing rods have the following advantages:

High-Quality Raw Materials

Jintian Copper's squeezing rods are made of high-quality copper materials, and all raw materials meet international standards, ensuring the high quality of the products.

Advanced Production Processes

Jintian Copper focuses on the research and application of advanced production processes, including extrusion processes and various other technical means, ensuring the reliability of product quality.

Sound Quality Management System

Jintian Copper has a sound quality management system and strictly tests and controls products according to international standards, thereby ensuring product reliability and stability.

Diversified Product Specifications

Jintian Copper's squeezing rods provide diversified product specifications to meet the different needs of various customers, offering product choices with different sizes and dimensions for different industry demands.

Professional After-Sales Service

Jintian Copper provides professional after-sales service, promptly solving problems and difficulties encountered by customers, ensuring customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Jintian Copper's squeezing rod models include H59, H62, H63, H65, H68, H70, C3601, C3602, C3603, C364, QSn6.5-0.1, HBi59-1, etc. Jintian Copper's extruded copper rods have significant advantages in terms of quality and technology. Whether in mechanical manufacturing, construction, or aerospace fields, Jintian Copper's squeezing rods can meet the different needs of customers and provide high-quality metal material support for their industrial manufacturing. If you need to choose high-quality squeezing rods, Jintian Copper will be your best choice.