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Jintian Copper Pipe | Do You Know Any Shortcomings Of Copper? What Is The Price Of Copper Tubes?

Disadvantages of copper pipes
As far as copper pipes are concerned, the high price is its biggest shortcoming. It is currently a high-end water pipe, which is usually leak-free for life after installation using a welding process. There is even a saying that copper has a certain sterilization effect. The Beijing Union Hospital is used for copper pipes It has been more than 70 years and should be trustworthy. At present, the well-known copper pipe manufacturer’s waterway reconstruction cost is 4 inclusive. The maximum cost is 70 yuan per meter. In many cases, it is more than 50 yuan per meter, so it is generally acceptable. As for some people who say that copper pipes dissipate heat quickly, most manufacturers will pay attention to this problem, and will ensure the thermal insulation of copper pipes, such as adding plastic insulation films. Copper pipes, PPR, aluminum-plastic pipes, galvanized pipes, steel pipes, etc. can be used as water supply pipes. It is meaningless to compare different types of water pipes. The principle is that if you can afford the price of copper pipes, of course Choose copper tubes.
The connection at the copper pipe interface mainly depends on the level of construction technology, and has high requirements on construction quality.

Copper pipe prices
Are copper pipes too expensive? Many pipe fittings on the market are not cheaper than copper pipe fittings. Is it cost-effective to use copper pipes? In fact, the advantages of copper fittings and the economic benefits they bring can completely compensate for or even exceed the high raw material prices. Among all kinds of pipe fittings, the performance-price ratio of copper pipe fittings is second to none. The flow performance of the liquid in the copper pipe is better than other pipes, the resistance is small, and it is not easy to cause the water flow to be obstructed or even blocked; at the same flow rate, the copper pipe has a smaller inner diameter than the other pipes and the pipe wall is thin, so that the water flow pressure is reduced to a minimum. Therefore, the copper water supply system can not only use small-size thin-walled copper pipes, save materials, but also save a lot of energy. Let’s calculate a clear account again: If you only look at the first investment, the price advantage of the copper water supply system is not obvious. For example, the initial investment of the copper water pipe system is 2.5 times that of galvanized steel pipes. But the service life of the former is at least 3-4 times that of the latter. If the copper pipe fittings use less material than other pipe fittings, the installation is simple and maintenance-free, the maintenance performance is good, the ruggedness, and the environmental savings can be comprehensively calculated, the copper plumbing system can be displayed High quality and cheap quality. In the case of hot water, coupled with the energy-saving advantages of copper, the difference between it and ordinary pipes and copper pipes is more significant. As far as home buyers are concerned, taking the decoration of two rooms and one hall in a residential house in Shanghai as an example, all cold and hot water pipes use copper pipes, and the cost is only about one thousand yuan. In terms of cost, the additional expenditure is not large, but it is totally worth the money. Furthermore, installing copper pipes and fittings in a house is equivalent to investing a savings. Because decades later, when the house is dilapidated and all other materials and equipment are useless, copper pipe fittings can still be easily disassembled and reassembled as needed, even if the pipe is sold, a higher return can be obtained.