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Jintian Copper Pipe | Where Is The Future Application Prospect Of Copper Pipe?

Sustainable development
Any kind of pipe material can be used by people forever, the most important reason is that it can be recycled and reused and does not produce new pollution. The vast majority of materials cannot be completely regenerated after application. Even if some of them can be partially used, they cannot achieve the performance of raw materials in terms of quantity and quality, consume a lot of energy and processing costs, and are more likely to cause pollution. For example, some plastic pipes have waste or old pipes that are neither recyclable nor degradable, putting pressure on the environment. And more than 90% of the world’s copper can be melted into recycled copper after use. Recycled copper maintains all the superior properties of the original copper, allowing the copper to be continuously recycled. Installing copper pipes and fittings in a house is equivalent to investing a "saving". Decades later, when the house is dilapidated and all other materials and equipment are useless, copper pipe fittings still have use-value.

In particular, it should be pointed out that copper will neither produce toxic gases or other harmful substances nor other waste during the regeneration process. The same kind of "friendliness" for the environment is not available in other materials. Because of the above advantages of copper water pipes, they are widely used in the construction of hot and cold water pipes in developed countries and regions in the world. With the continuous improvement of Chinese citizens' awareness of copper pipes, architectural design tends to become an international trend. Water pipes will definitely bring a new concept of healthy pipes in the 21st century.

Application prospect
Relevant experts pointed out that, according to the development trend of China's air conditioning and other related industries, the Chinese copper pipe market has hidden business opportunities despite the changes, and the next 10 years will be an important period for the development of China's copper pipe industry. In addition, the alliance, reorganization, and restructuring among enterprises will become the trend of the industry's development, and entering the overseas market will become an inevitable choice for enterprise development. The Chinese copper pipe industry has achieved a qualitative leap in the analysis of experts. Copper pipe is one of the fastest-growing products in China’s copper processing materials production. In 2002, China's copper pipe production was close to 1/5 of the world's total copper pipe production. Based on an estimate of 27 million air conditioners in China in 2002, the use of ordinary internally threaded copper pipes alone reached 54,000 tons.

Therefore, if China's air conditioner output reached 30.5 million units in 2005, then the amount of ordinary internally threaded copper tubes would be close to 92,000 tons. Therefore, industry experts believe that the next 10 years will be an important period for the development of China's copper pipe industry. The output of China's copper pipes will grow at an average rate of 5% per year, and this growth rate may even reach 8 before 2005. %. According to the introduction of the Copper Pipe Examination Department of the China Industrial Products Production License Office, there are currently 260 companies that have applied for the certification of copper pipe production licenses. It is estimated from this that there should be about 300 Chinese copper pipe production enterprises. According to the latest data analysis of CRU, China has become the second-largest copper tube production and consumption country in the world after the United States. In 2002, the production and consumption of copper tubes reached 460,000 tons and 481,000 tons respectively, compared with 2001 Compared with the previous year, the growth rates were as high as 15% and 10% respectively. If calculated at an average annual growth rate of 8%, the total consumption of Chinese copper pipes in 2005 and 2010 will reach 560,000 tons and 820,000 tons, respectively, indicating that China’s copper pipe market is extremely broad. After a series of technological transformation and scale expansion in the past 10 years, the production of copper coils in China has undergone tremendous changes, and the output and quality have made historic leaps, basically reaching the world’s advanced level. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2002, China's copper coil production capacity was about 300,000 tons, ranking first in the world; the current actual production of copper coils is about 120,000 tons, of which internal thread coils are about 60,000 tons. Not only can it meet the needs of the Chinese market, but also some exports are exported overseas. Strong demand for high-efficiency heat dissipation copper tubes In recent years, in addition to the decline in copper tube production in Western countries year by year, and the severe crackdown on smuggling, the growth rate of China's air conditioner manufacturing development has created an excellent production for China's copper coil production. opportunity.

In 1998, the total output of China's air conditioners exceeded 10 million units, in 2001 it exceeded 26 million units, and in 2002 it exceeded 30 million units. At present, China’s production capacity is about 40 million units. In order to adapt to the development of the air-conditioning industry, as of the end of 2000, China's copper coil and air-conditioning tube production capacity has increased to 280,000 tons, an increase of about 4 times compared with 1990. Copper coils have stable performance, good identity, high material blanking time and high yield rate. Therefore, most air conditioner manufacturers use copper coils with a coil weight of 100-200 kg. In order to further improve the thermal efficiency and energy-saving level, and manufacture high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly air conditioners, it is necessary to use internally threaded copper coils. Compared with the smooth tubes, the internal surface area is increased by 2 to 3 times. In addition, the internal thread causes the medium to form turbulent flow and speed up its flow rate, so that the thermal conductivity is greatly enhanced compared with the smooth pipe of the same specification, which increases the thermal efficiency by 20% -30% and can save 15% energy. As of the end of 2002, the use of internally threaded copper tubes in air conditioner manufacturers has reached 50% of the total use of copper coils, and it is estimated to exceed 60% in 2003 (main air conditioner manufacturers have reached the use of threaded tubes in 2003 70%), it will be as high as 80% by 2005. That is to say, in 2001, 2002 and 2005, the total demand for copper coils of air conditioners was 60,000 tons, 80,000 tons and 150,000 tons respectively, of which the total demand for internally threaded copper coils will reach respectively 30,000 tons, 50,000 tons and 120,000 tons. Entering the overseas market has become the choice for enterprise development. From the perspective of market supply and demand, China’s copper coils have exceeded supply. 2002 was the most competitive year in China’s copper coil market. On the one hand, the continuous development of China’s air-conditioning industry has driven the continuous growth of China’s copper pipe consumption, providing huge market space and development opportunities for copper coils; on the other hand, with the continuous progress of air-conditioning manufacturing technology, The quality and technical requirements are getting higher and higher, and the market pattern of oversupply has promoted the competition in the copper pipe market to upgrade day by day, forcing various production enterprises to continuously improve their technical equipment and find a way out in terms of industrial scale and product quality. The market has become a configuration of China. The main body of copper pipe production factors. Experts predict that in the next 10 years, while the output will increase rapidly, the variety, production technology and equipment of China’s copper pipes will also change accordingly. Among them, the air conditioner cooling heat pipe will gradually realize all internal threads, and will develop to the direction of small diameter, complex tooth shape, high heat dissipation and high cleanliness. At the same time, the production and application of welding high-efficiency heat dissipation pipes and external finned pipes will also be achieved Breakthrough progress. At the same time, the technology and equipment level of China’s copper pipe production will also be comprehensively improved, that is, horizontal casting-planetary rolling-coil drawing and up-drawing cold processing methods will receive more attention from enterprises.