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Manufacturing Process of Bendable Copper Tubes

When it comes to plumbing, heating, and refrigeration systems, copper tubes are widely used for their excellent heat transfer properties, corrosion resistance, and durability. Among the various types of copper tubes available in the market, bendable copper tubes have gained significant popularity due to their flexibility and ease of installation. In this blog post, we will explore the manufacturing process of bendable copper tubes, focusing on the brand Jintian Copper.

Jintian Copper, a renowned manufacturer in the copper industry, has perfected the art of producing high-quality bendable copper tubes. Their manufacturing process involves several key steps, ensuring the final product meets the industry's highest standards.

Copper Extraction:

The journey of a bendable copper tube starts with the extraction of copper ore from mines. Copper is commonly found in ores such as malachite, chrysocolla, and bornite. Once the ore is extracted, it undergoes various processes, including crushing, grinding, and flotation, to obtain pure copper concentrate.

Smelting and Refining:

The copper concentrate is then smelted in a furnace to extract impurities and obtain molten copper. This molten copper is further refined through electrolysis to achieve the desired purity level. Jintian Copper uses state-of-the-art technology and adheres to strict quality control measures to ensure the final product's purity and consistency.

Tube Formation:

After the refining process, the pure copper is cast into billets or bars, which serve as the raw material for bendable copper tubes. Jintian Copper utilizes modern extrusion techniques to form the tubes with precise dimensions and consistent wall thickness. The use of advanced technology allows them to produce tubes with exceptional strength and flexibility.

Heat Treatment:

To enhance the bendability of copper tubes, heat treatment is an essential step in the manufacturing process. The tubes are exposed to controlled heating and cooling cycles, which stabilize their molecular structure and improve their malleability. This heat treatment process is crucial to ensure that the tubes can withstand bending without compromising their integrity or performance.

Surface Treatment:

To protect the copper tubes from corrosion and ensure their longevity, a surface treatment is applied. The tubes undergo a cleaning process to remove any residues or impurities. They are then coated with a protective layer, such as tin or a corrosion-resistant polymer. This coating acts as a barrier against oxidation and external elements, prolonging the lifespan of the tubes.

Jintian Copper's dedication to producing superior quality bendable copper tubes is evident throughout their manufacturing process. From the extraction of copper ore to the final surface treatment, every step is carefully executed to deliver a reliable and efficient product.

In conclusion, bendable copper tubes have revolutionized the plumbing and HVAC industries, providing flexibility and ease of installation. Jintian Copper, with its exceptional manufacturing process, ensures that their bendable copper tubes meet all the required standards. Whether it's for residential or commercial applications, Jintian Copper's bendable copper tubes offer durability, corrosion resistance, and exceptional performance. So, next time you consider a plumbing or heating project, be sure to choose Jintian Copper bendable copper tubes to experience their excellence firsthand.