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In Which Fields are IGBTs Used for Electric Vehicles?

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is also called an insulated gate bipolar transistor. It is composed of a BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) and a MOS (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor), and it is the core device for energy conversion and transmission, also known as the "CPU" of power electronic devices.


IGBT is an important component of electric vehicles and charging stations and plays a crucial role. According to statistics, IGBT accounts for about 10% of the cost of electric vehicles and about 20% of the cost of charging stations. 

So, Let Us Understand in Which Areas Igbt Is Mainly Used in Electric Vehicles?

Charging Stations

IGBT modules are used as switching components in smart charging stations.

Electric Control System

High power DC/AC inverter to drive vehicle motors.

Onboard Air Conditioning Control System

Low power DC/AC inverter that uses IGBT and FRD with low current.

Igbt Copper Base Plate Key Requirements?

Thermal Conductivity

The most important role of the IGBT copper base plate is heat dissipation, so the material's thermal performance is crucial.

Electroplating Performance

The quality of nickel plating has a significant impact on the mechanical characteristics and welding quality of the base plate.

Welding Performance

The copper base plate is combined with the IGBT module through welding, so a certain amount of thermal deformation space needs to be reserved.

Thickness Requirements

Different thicknesses of copper base plates have different heat dissipation effects. Considering cost, there is an optimal thickness.

When the chip is working, heat is transferred to the thick copper base plate through the DBC substrate, and the copper base plate can enhance the heat flow, which is then transferred to the heat sink structure (turbulent flow column) below. The heat sink structure has a large surface area, allowing rapid heat dissipation to the surrounding environment, reducing the chip junction temperature.

Among the chip, DBC substrate, and copper base plate, the copper base plate has the highest comprehensive heat dissipation efficiency and the largest consumption of materials. A high-performance copper material is crucial.

Due to the high-voltage and high-frequency working environment, the performance of the heat sink directly affects the working performance of the IGBT power module. Therefore, heat sink design is of utmost importance. Copper or aluminum materials are commonly used in heat sinks on the market. Because the thermal conductivity of copper is more than twice that of aluminum, copper has become the mainstream heat sink material for high-end IGBTs.

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