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Copper bus knowledge introduction!

First to introduce the definition of copper busbar: copper busbar, also known as copper row, belongs to the hard busbar. Copper busbar is used as a transmission current copper row, copper busbar has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, no low-temperature brittleness, easy welding, easy pressure processing.

I. Overview of copper busbar.

Copper busbar is currently widely used in switchgear busbar and generator, transformer lead wires. Its cross-section range: thickness of 4 ~ 31.5mm, width of 16 ~ 125mm.

Busbar conductor allowable current and common AC resistance and heat dissipation surface area, round although there is a smaller skin effect, but its heat dissipation surface area is small, generally not used.

Rectangular conductors have a large heat dissipation surface area, due to the common cross-sectional area of a single conductor does not exceed 1200mm2, when used to carry large currents, the need to use multiple rectangular busbar parallel busbar group, but due to the parallel rectangular busbar heat dissipation becomes worse, generally should not use more than 2 ~ 3 busbar.

For conveying larger currents flat copper busbar, slot busbar is generally used, compared with multiple rectangular busbars, the skin effect can be greatly reduced, the current distribution is more uniform, heat dissipation conditions are also good. The busbar size should be determined according to the specific load size when selecting.

1、Standard: Implementation of national standard GB/T5585.1-2005.

2、Classification: Conventional: right angle & rounded angle (commonly known as straight edge rounded edge). Shaped: produced according to the requirements of design drawings.

3、Common cross-section range: 30~3000mm2, common thickness range 3mm-12mm. common width range 10mm-125mm.

4、Conductive performance: closely related to the busbar working environment temperature.

Calculation of current-carrying (40 °) can be simply calculated in accordance with the following formula: (specification number of units are taken mm).

Busbar specifications: A (thickness) * B (width).

Single piece of current-carrying ≈ B * (A + 8.5) amp.

5、Weight calculation: At present,  Chinese manufacturers produce electrical copper busbar factory length is mostly 6 meters long, so after simplifying the weight calculation formula is.

(specification number of units are taken mm)

A * B single weight ≈ A * B * 0.0534KG

A * B weight per meter ≈ A * B * 0.0089KG

Second, the production process of copper busbar.

Purchase of electrolytic copper - on the lead furnace process - continuous extrusion process - rolling head process - stretching process - straightening process - cutting and sawing process - inspection process -Packaging process - Shipping.

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