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5 Billion Yuan Increase In Annual Turnover! Trial Production Of Jintian Copper High Conductivity Copper Wire Has Started

Accompanied by cheers and applause, on the morning of July 25th 2020, the first batch of high-quality copper wires produced in the Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone by Jintian New Material Co., Ltd. was sent out from the factory and shipped to customers. The wires are part of a huge new project for the high conductivity and high ductility copper wire, which will reach an annual capacity of 350,000 tons.

For this new project of producing over 350,000 tons of high-quality copper wires annually, Jintian New Material has purchased the most advanced low-oxygen copper rod continuous casting and rolling production equipment and wire drawing equipment in the world. The equipment uses natural gas as fuel to greatly improve the production efficiency. Compared with the traditional production lines, which usually have an annual capacity of 150,000 tons, not only has the production volume more than doubled, but also the product quality is greatly improved, while being more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

5 Billion Yuan Increase In Annual Turnover! Trial Production Of Jintian Copper High Conductivity Copper Wire Has Started

It is worth mentioning that during the trial of the new equipment, two great things were achieved: 1. This was done for the first time by a Chinese company, and 2. This was first time in the world that the test production succeeded on the first trial.

"Under normal circumstances, the supplier will send a dedicated engineer to set up the equipment on site." The general manager of the supplying company said that foreign experts could not reach the manufacturing site to start the trial of the equipment due to the covid-19 pandemic. After evaluating the cost and schedule of the project, Jintian made a firm decision and contacted foreign experts for negotiation, hoping that the other party would guide Jintian technical personnel to conduct the trial through video connection.

5 Billion Yuan Increase In Annual Turnover! Trial Production Of Jintian Copper High Conductivity Copper Wire Has Started

"We have never done this kind of work before. It can be said that it is an impossible task." This was the first reaction of foreign experts after hearing the request.

They said that because the Chinese technicians are not familiar with the new equipment, coupled with the limitations of distance, time difference, language, etc., it is extremely difficult to complete the set up by remote assistance within the specified time; it would be an almost impossible task.

“There is nothing impossible, only unexpected. If the conditions are not good enough, we will manage to find a solution to make it possible.” Jintian people chose to face the difficulties at the critical moment. Several engineers gathered together to form a technical team, and made concerted efforts to start the trial of the equipment.

This was a young team of engineers; Most of them are born in 1980s. Most of them have entered Jintian Copper after their graduation from university. They have grown into outstanding engineers through learning and training at Jintian University (a platform set up by the company). These young engineers have become the best embodiment of the spirit of Jintian corporate group.

5 Billion Yuan Increase In Annual Turnover! Trial Production Of Jintian Copper High Conductivity Copper Wire Has Started

Although there was a time difference, the Jintian engineers worked with the foreign experts no matter day or night; when time was tight, they moved temporarily to the production site and slept in the office when they were tired; when professional terminology was difficult to translate, they found their way to understand through trial and error.

As one of the core project leaders, one of the company’s vice presidents was also working on site together with the engineers. He is both an administrator and a front-line technician. With excellent English skills, he also took the initiative to communicate with foreign experts. From raw materials to finished products, the electrolytic copper must undergo high-temperature dissolution, casting crystallization, rolling, cooling and cleaning, coiling and winding, and other technological processes before it reaches its final form. The equipment needed to be set up step by step corresponding to each part of the production process.

After more than 60 days of hard work around the clock, the first trial production of the high conductivity and high ductility copper wire was finally successfully realized on July 22.

“Relying on our own employees, the impossible became possible and we completed the task. Not only that we succeeded, but the trial operation of the project was also more than a month earlier than the original plan.” Speaking of this, the face of the project leader was full of pride.

Next, the company will continue to adjust the operation of the equipment until it stably produces high-quality copper wire products that meet market standards.

According to reports, after the project is officially started, it is expected that it will add more than 5 billion yuan of turnover value to Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone annually.