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Understand the Recycled Copper Material Industry

Earth, our shared home. The land, mountains, and oceans have nourished every life on Earth for hundreds of years. Green sustainable development is a necessary principle for protecting our planet. Global climate change poses serious threats to the economic and social development of nations and the safety of people's lives and properties. Carbon neutrality has become our collective mission and responsibility. How to sustainably reduce carbon emissions is a significant challenge faced by all humanity.


Reports indicate that for modern industries, the average carbon emissions from enterprise supply chain links are 11.4 times that of their own operations. Carbon emissions generated in the raw material extraction phase often account for over 70% of a product's entire lifecycle. As pioneers in low-carbon and environmental protection, major universities, renowned enterprises, and public welfare organizations worldwide are actively fulfilling environmental responsibilities by forming organizations such as the "Carbon Neutral Action Alliance," the "World Carbon Neutral University Alliance," and the "Open Carbon Neutral Technology Alliance" to jointly promote global carbon reduction.

Copper, an important metal material, is a core material for modern industrial development.

As a forerunner in the copper materials industry, Jintian Copper has long adhered to the sustainable development concept of "ecology over production." After more than 30 years of R&D investment, it has formed a globally leading advantage in recycled copper material circulation. It has achieved a closed-loop industry chain from raw material recovery, raw material purification to deep processing, and provides one-stop copper material solutions. Self-developed and produced low-carbon recycled copper materials can reduce carbon emissions by up to 75% while ensuring product performance comparable to virgin materials.

Secure and stable raw material supply is the fundamental condition for the industrialization of low-carbon recycled copper. Currently, Jintian Copper, through its import and export companies, has established four major overseas procurement bases and formed long-term stable strategic partnerships with more than 100 suppliers worldwide, achieving 400,000 tons of recycled copper reutilization annually, consistently ranking at the global forefront.

Raw material purification is the core capability of recycled copper industrialization. Recycled copper materials have diverse sources and complex impurity compositions. Since the 1990s, Jintian Copper has invested heavily to build its own smelting and electrolytic purification production lines. Through years of technological breakthroughs and accumulation, Jintian Copper is now able to purify recycled copper to 99.99%, achieving high-grade use of recycled copper and meeting the stringent requirements of industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, power, and electrical for key properties like conductivity and thermal conductivity.

Data traceability is a prerequisite for calculating the carbon footprint of low-carbon recycled copper. It relies on strong digital infrastructure to trace production data for every process. Jintian Industrial Research Institute has long invested in smart manufacturing and has now fully covered information systems like SRM, CRM, ERP, MES, and SCADA across the group, providing a robust digital foundation for the data traceability of recycled copper's carbon footprint.


Through years of dedication, Jintian Copper has successively won honors such as the "National Urban Mineral Demonstration Base," "National Green Demonstration Factory," "National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Point," and the "First Prize of Excellent Award for the Technical Standard of GB Recycled Copper Raw Materials." Simultaneously, Jintian Copper's low-carbon recycled copper products have passed multiple international recycling system certifications like SCS and GRS and received high recognition from multiple Fortune 500 companies. Currently, the company's low-carbon recycled products cover environmentally friendly copper rods, high-precision rods and wires, high-precision copper alloy strips, high-conductivity precision copper bars, high-conductivity high-toughness copper wires, high-precision copper tubes and fittings, high-performance electromagnetic wires, precision valves and fittings, and rare earth permanent magnet materials. The low-carbon product series is widely used in clean energy, automotive industry, consumer electronics, power and electronics, communication connections, smart home appliances, and many other fields.

For over 30 years, Jintian Copper has always insisted on taking green environmental protection as an important strategy of the company, striving to build sustainable recycling copper solutions, collaborating with partners for joint innovation, and collectively enhancing the low-carbon competitiveness of modern industry, to create a better low-carbon future for our next generation.