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Enamel Flat Wires Are Now Used in New Energy Vehicles

As we all know, enamel coated wire is a main variety of winding wire.

Ⅰ. Introduction of flat enamel coated wire

Enameled wire is also called electromagnetic wire. It is generally composed of conductor and insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then painted and baked many times. Affected by raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, environment and other factors, the quality characteristics of various enamel coated wires are different.

Generally speaking, enamel coated wire has four major properties: mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties.

Ordinary enamel coated wire section shape, many are circular. However, the circular enamel coated wire has the disadvantage of low slot fullness after winding, that is to say, the space utilization rate after winding is low. With the change of technology, flat enamel coated wire came into being.

Flat enamel coated wire is a winding wire made of an oxygen-free copper rod or an electrical aluminum rod that is drawn, extruded or rolled by a die of a certain specification, and then coated with insulating varnish for many times. Generally speaking, the thickness ranges from 0.025mm to 2mm, the width is generally less than 5mm, and the aspect ratio ranges from 2:1 to 50:1.

Flat enamel coated wires are widely used, especially in windings of various electrical equipment for new energy vehicles, telecommunication equipment, transformers, motors and generators.


Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of flat enamel coated wire?

Compared with ordinary enamel coated wires, flat enameled copper wire have better softness and flexibility, and have excellent performance in terms of current carrying capacity, transmission speed, heat dissipation performance and occupied space, and are especially suitable as electrical and electronic equipment. Jumper wires between circuits. In general, flat enamel coated wire has the following characteristics:

1. Occupies a smaller volume

Flat enamel coated wire takes up less space than the coil of enameled round wire, which can save 9%-12% of space, and the production of smaller and lighter electronic and electrical products will be less affected by the volume of the coil, obviously saving more other materials.

2. The full rate of the coil slot is higher

Under the same winding space conditions, the slot fill rate of flat enamel coated wire can reach more than 95%, which solves the bottleneck problem of coil performance, makes the resistance smaller and the capacitance larger, and meets the requirements of high-capacity and high-load application scenarios;

3. Larger cross-sectional area

Flat enamel coated wire has a larger cross-sectional area than enameled round wire, and its heat dissipation area is also increased accordingly, and the heat dissipation effect is significantly improved. At the same time, it can also greatly improve the "skin effect" (when alternating current passes through the conductor, the current will be concentrated in Conductor surface flow), reduce high-frequency motor loss.

Copper products have a huge advantage in electrical conductivity. Nowadays, flat enamel coated wires are generally made of copper, that is, flat enameled copper wires. For different performance requirements, the flat enameled copper wire can be adjusted accordingly according to the characteristics of the required performance. For example, for components with particularly high requirements for flatness and light weight, flat enameled copper wires with ultra-narrow, ultra-thin and large aspect ratios are required; For components with particularly high requirements for low power consumption and high performance, it is necessary to produce high-precision flat enameled copper wires; for components with particularly high impact resistance requirements, high-toughness flat enameled copper is required wire; and for components with particularly high service life requirements, durable flat enamelled copper wires are required.

Ⅲ. The main application of flat enamel coated wire in new energy vehicle motor

The high-performance enamelled copper flat wire products produced by Jintian Copper can be widely used in various complex and harsh working environments, and are suitable for various high-end scenarios such as new energy vehicles, high-end servo motors, and industrial robots.


As the heart of new energy vehicles, there are many electromagnetic wires in the drive motor. If the electromagnetic wires and insulating materials cannot withstand the high voltage, high temperature, and high voltage change rate during the operation of the motor, they will be easily broken down and reduce the service life of the motor. At present, when most enterprises produce enamel coated wires for drive motors of new energy vehicles, due to the simple process and single paint film, the products produced have poor corona resistance and poor thermal shock resistance, which affects the service life of drive motors.

Jintian Copper's new material division produces high-end products such as anti-corona electromagnetic wire, ATF oil-resistant electromagnetic wire, high PDIV electromagnetic wire, ultra-high temperature resistant electromagnetic wire, and high-current-carrying electromagnetic flat wire. The product performance ranks among the best in the industry.