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Do you know why enamel insulated flat wire is now being used in new energy vehicles?

Enameled flat copper wire, also known as magnet wire, is a primary variety of winding wire.

Generally composed of a conductor and an insulating layer, enameled flat copper wire is produced by annealing the bare wire to soften it, followed by multiple coatings of enamel and baking. Due to factors such as raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, and environment, the quality characteristics of various enameled wires vary.

In general, enameled flat copper wire possesses four major properties: mechanical, chemical, electrical, and thermal.

Jintian Copper, manufactures enameled flat copper wire, extensively used in various fields such as new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, clean energy, electronic components, electrical and servo drives. It stands out as a large-scale supplier of enameled flat copper wire with excellent product quality in the industry.

While the cross-sectional shape of ordinary enameled wires is mostly circular, it has a drawback of low slot fill factor after winding, meaning a lower utilization of space after coiling.

This significantly limits the efficiency of corresponding electrical components. Typically, the slot fill rate of fully wound enameled round wire is about 78%, making it difficult to meet the technological requirements for component flattening, lightweighting, low power consumption, and high performance. With technological advancements, flat enameled wire has emerged.

Enameled copper flat wire is made by drawing, extrusion, or rolling oxygen-free copper or electrical aluminum rods through a specific mold, followed by multiple coatings of insulating enamel. The thickness generally ranges from 0.025mm to 2mm, and the width is generally less than 5mm, with a width-to-thickness ratio ranging from 2:1 to 50:1.

Flat enameled wire finds extensive applications, especially in the winding of various electrical devices such as new energy vehicles, telecommunications equipment, transformers, electric motors, and generators.

Now, let's explore the characteristics of flat enameled wire:

  • Occupies Smaller Volume: Flat enameled wire occupies less space in coils, saving approximately 9-12% of space. This results in smaller electronic and electrical products, with less impact on coil volume, thus saving more materials.

  • Higher Slot Fill Factor: Under the same winding space conditions, the slot fill factor of flat enameled wire can exceed 95%, solving the performance bottleneck of coils. This leads to lower resistance, larger capacitance, meeting the requirements of large-capacity high-load applications.

  • Larger Cross-Sectional Area: Compared to enameled round wire, flat enameled wire has a larger cross-sectional area, leading to an increased heat dissipation area. This significantly improves heat dissipation effects and can substantially reduce the "skin effect" (where alternating current concentrates on the surface of the conductor) and reduce high-frequency motor losses.

Copper products have a significant advantage in conductivity. Currently, flat enameled wire is generally made of copper, referred to as flat enameled copper wire. To meet the demands of different performance requirements, adjustments can be made to flat enameled copper wire. For instance, for components requiring high flatness and light weight, ultra-narrow and ultra-thin flat enameled copper wire is needed. For components with high requirements for low power consumption and high performance, high-precision flat enameled copper wire is produced. For components requiring high impact resistance, high-toughness flat enameled copper wire is necessary. For components with a high demand for service life, durable flat enameled copper wire is essential.

Jintian Copper's New Materials Division produces high-performance enameled flat copper wire products, widely applicable in various complex and demanding working environments. They are suitable for high-end scenarios such as new energy vehicles, high-end servo motors, industrial robots, and more.

Applications of Flat Enameled Wire in New Energy Vehicle Motors:

As the heart of new energy vehicles, there are many electromagnetic wires in the drive motor. If the electromagnetic wire and insulation material cannot withstand the high voltage, high temperature, and high voltage rate changes during motor operation, they are prone to breakdown, reducing the motor's service life. Currently, in the production of enameled wires used in new energy vehicle drive motors, due to simple processes and a single enamel film, the produced products have poor resistance to corona, as well as poor thermal shock resistance, thereby affecting the service life of the drive motor.

Jintian Copper's New Materials Division produces high-end products such as corona-resistant electromagnetic wires, ATF oil-resistant electromagnetic wires, high PDIV electromagnetic wires, ultra-high-temperature-resistant electromagnetic wires, and high-current-carrying flat electromagnetic wires. The performance of these products ranks among the best in the industry.