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Will Water Quality Affect the Production of Copper Enamel Coil Wire?

The water used in the production of copper enamel coil wire also has a variety of uses. Likewise, the requirements for water quality are also different. According to the purpose of use, the water quality requirements can be divided into: annealing furnace water sealing water, equipment cooling water, manufacturing lubricating oil water, etc.

1. Affect the quality of copper enamel coil wire

In the production process of copper enamel coil wire, if the particles in the water remain on the copper wire, the surface of the copper wire will be uneven and small holes will appear; contamination by ionic impurities can increase the surface charge density of copper wires, leading to a decrease in the electrochemical performance of the oxide layer, thereby affecting its parameters.

During the stretching process, these impurities are adsorbed on the copper wire and diffuse into the copper wire, affecting the surface lubrication of the copper wire, resulting in uneven local resistance and easy breakdown.

Due to the paint effect, the adhesion of the paint film is poor, resulting in a decrease in the insulation parameters of the pores. In particular, it will cause pollution due to deliquescence, and black spots will appear in climates with high humidity, which is why black spots appear on copper enamel coil wires. Therefore, the paint film is perforated and the moisture further penetrates, resulting in a decrease in the quality parameters of the copper enamel coil wire, which is also the reason for the voltage drop.

2. The influence of copper enamel coil wire on mechanical parts

We know that in the transmission process of mechanical equipment, in order to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment in the case of high-speed operation and metal collision, the equipment must be cooled.

If the cooling water contains a lot of impurities, it will appear: equipment pollution, corrosion, scaling, salinization and pipeline sludge, reducing the cooling effect of the device. The equipment is damaged rapidly, the maintenance pressure is increased, and the mechanical life is reduced, which will seriously affect the production power and economic benefits of the equipment.

The blockage of the annealing furnace, the annealing tube and the surface scaling of the water inlet guide wheel encountered in the production of copper enamel coil wire are all related to the accumulation of calcium and magnesium ions in hard water.

3. The influence of copper enamel coil wire on lubricating fluid

Because impurities in water, especially hardness components, will chemically react with alkaline lubricating oil, which will consume a large amount of alkaline lubricating oil, reduce its activity, reduce its effect, and accelerate deterioration. Many manufacturers use pure water in the production of lubricating fluids, and the effect is very good.

The water quality of the washing liquid and cooling water (directly contacting the product) involved in the product should be strictly controlled, and the diameter of the filament should be higher.

Copper enamel coil wire and copper wire annealing water sealing water: meet the specifications of primary distilled water, conductivity 10μs/CM, no chlorine, no hardness.