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What Material is Used for Air Conditioner Copper Pipes? Which Brand has Good Quality Air Conditioner Copper Pipes?

Air conditioning is one of the most common household appliances, and people use it frequently. However, due to the internal components of the air conditioner, each unit has a certain lifespan. Different brands of air conditioners use different materials, which will affect the lifespan of the air conditioner. Copper is one of the most common and core materials used in air conditioner components. So, let's briefly analyze the use of copper in air conditioners.

The internal parts of air conditioners often use copper pipes. Good quality copper pipes can ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner and prevent the refrigerant from leaking out.

Currently, most air conditioners use purple copper materials such as T2, TP2, TU0, TU1, and TU2. These materials have a relatively long lifespan and excellent bending performance, providing a certain level of protection to the internal parts of the air conditioner. Among them, TP2 copper pipes are the most commonly used for the following reasons:

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

TP2 has high purity with copper content of about 99.9%, and it has excellent thermal conductivity that can quickly transfer heat between indoors and outdoors.

Good Processing Performance

TP2 has high strength and smooth surface, meeting the processing performance requirements for manufacturing air conditioner copper pipes.

Good Corrosion Resistance

TP2 copper pipes have good corrosion resistance and are not susceptible to oxidation and corrosion caused by certain substances.

Good Weldability

Due to the addition of phosphorus, TP2 maintains good heat transfer and sealing properties during welding.

Economical and Practical

TP2 copper pipes have relatively affordable prices, which can reduce the manufacturing cost of air conditioning systems.

In the market, some brands of air conditioners use aluminum-copper alloy, which is inferior to purple copper in terms of bending and connection density. This can easily lead to refrigerant leakage and even more serious accidents. In addition, due to material issues, aluminum-copper alloy is prone to corrosion, so its lifespan is much shorter than that of purple copper. Therefore, these types of air conditioners are not very durable.

In some inferior air conditioners, even iron and other materials may be used internally. This not only affects the lifespan of the air conditioner but may also cause safety accidents if not careful.

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