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What Copper Materials Are There in Transformers Besides Copper Bars?

Transformers are important equipment in power systems, and their main function is to adjust voltage to meet different power requirements. In the construction of transformers, copper plays a vital role. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the copper materials used inside transformers and their applications.

The commonly used copper materials in transformers include copper bars, copper strips, enameled wires, etc. Let's now understand where these copper materials are used in different components of a transformer.

Copper Bars

Copper bars are mainly used in transformers for current input, output, and distribution. They are typically installed at the input and output terminals of the transformer, connecting the winding and external circuits of the transformer. Due to its excellent conductivity and high mechanical strength, copper bars can effectively transmit large currents while withstanding electromagnetic forces caused by current. Additionally, copper bars can also serve as grounding connections for transformers, providing a safe grounding path to prevent electrical shocks and fires in case of equipment malfunction.


Copper Strips

In transformers, copper strips are mainly used for winding production. The winding is the core part of a transformer, responsible for the conversion and transmission of electrical energy. Winding made with copper strips can effectively improve heat dissipation, reduce temperature rise, and enhance the operational efficiency of transformers due to its larger surface area. Moreover, the high mechanical strength of copper strips can improve the mechanical stability of the winding and prolong the lifespan of the transformer.


Enameled Wires

Enameled wires are mainly used for coil winding in transformers. The coil is an important component of a transformer, and its role is to transfer electrical energy from one side to the other through electromagnetic induction. Enameled wires are widely used for coil winding due to their good insulation and high heat resistance.


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